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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

To Thank & Reciprocate

Just over a week ago, I met up with fellow blogger Robyn from Fine Arts Journal Blog.
As she writes in her blog, we have been messaging and emailing each other for a number of years now and on our first meeting it really felt like we were two old friends catching up for a chat over lunch.

After lunch we visited a small plant nursery and Robyn purchased an echinacea to photograph and plant in her garden. 

My echinacea plant flowered some months back and is long past its peak but I couldn't resist photographing what's left of the buds. The flower heads are ever changing and I think Robyn will find this to be a fascinating plant for her to photograph.

In the photograph above, what you can see is the 'flower head'.  The pink 'petals' are in fact bracts and not real petals.
Once the flower head begins to bloom you will find a mass of tiny flowers which emit the most heavenly perfume and fill the entire garden.

It is also know as the coneflower because of the cones that remain after the bracts are long gone.  These are often used by florists in floral arrangements because of their structure, texture and longevity.

I became familiar with the plant about seven years ago and I quickly fell in love with it.

Its perfume is a close rival to that of the rose, in my humble opinion.

Robyn, I had a great day too...and it was wonderfully to finally meet you in real life!  

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