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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

This Month In The Garden

January 2014

The above palm hasn't been doing too well in the incredibly dry hot weather we've been having this summer. I'm not sure whether this has anything to do with the many flowers it's produced this year.

The second time it's flowered and I think the flowers are more spectacular this time around.

The gerberas are struggling too and the blooms much smaller than in previous summers.

Leptospurmum always intrigues me with it's delicate foliage and flowers.

Banksia Serrata has also flowered well and is now sending out new shoots.

Isn't the bark of the banksia tree intriguing? 

Light and dark pink (above)trigger plants
grow all through our garden.

I'm not a hundred percent sure but I think this is a juvenile geebung.

The vegetable garden is a bit of an embarrassment and I really need to think about getting some raised beds. 

Some little or not so little creature is munching on plants that are not enclosed. (I've got a feeling it's a wallaby...feasting on the tender shoots of some taller plants so may not be so small...) 

Herbs continue to thrive as long as they are enclosed.

But really, the overbearing heat of this summer means I'm spending more time indoors tending my African Violets.

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