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Thursday, 23 May 2013

As If I Could

If there are two things that most evoke memories of my childhood - they would have to be persimmons (the astringent variety), and skeins of wool.
Devouring squishy, jelly-like, elegantly-sweet, fruit (the only way to eat astringent persimmons) and unravelling wool for knitting were both activities that might have taken place on wet, foggy, autumn days.  My younger sister disliked persimmons. Not surprising since she disliked most foods that once grew as a plant.  
As children we squabbled over who would be the holder and who would be the unraveller...of the skein.  The one who wound the ever-growing ovoid was the ultimate winner.
Some times there was no holder available and the back of a chair would have to suffice.

My sister and I learnt how to knit at a very early age.
I was knitting myself cardigans around age seven or eight. When my twin sisters arrived when I was eight years old, I could knit baby booties without the need of a pattern - because I knew the pattern off by heart.
These days my memory isn't so good.
Buying skeins of wool is becoming common again, especially if it's hand dyed or hand spun.

I found both these skeins of wool and the persimmons at the local markets.
All I need to do now is wait for the persimmons to become squishy sweet; and to decide a  pattern for my home dyed skeins of wool.  I'm thinking the unravelled skeins will be knitted up into scarves.


  1. You have reminded me of lovely memory of my Grandma, she would have me hold the skein while she wound. She knitted as well as crocheted and I sill have one of her "Granny squares" blankets on my armchair.

    1. Hello Kath, what beautiful past and present tactile memories you have. I only met my Grandmother twice in my life because my parents immigrated to Australia after the war. She used to make bobbin lace and I have memories of tangling the bobbins and making a mess of her beautiful work. xxx

  2. What a nice post - made me remember my grandmothers. Haven't eaten a persimmon!

    1. Thank you Laurie, you must try a persimmon if you come across them. They are one of my favourite fruits. xxx


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