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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Busy Sewing

I'm addicted to sewing these pouches.

I'm using some amazing wool fabrics for the outside shell which I rescued from Reverse Garbage.

Left over patchwork fabric lines the inside.
Specifically chosen for the recipient.
This one's for my niece.

Each one has some little surprises packed inside. 
This one's for Brother in Law.

And this one's for my Sister. 
I will fill this one with some body care products.

I'm already planning another three for Eldest Son and his future Wife.

22 March 2013 - I made these pouches for the first time here.  
The link for instructions is here


  1. These are lovely! are they tricky to make with the zip?

    1. Kath, I'm definitely not a zipper person but these are so easy to make you won't be disappointed. I've added the link for the instructions to the post. Good luck. Do let me know how you go.

  2. Wow those look great! Going to have to check out the link!

  3. Those pouches make great gifts, Sweet Pea :)


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