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Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year's Eve - 2012

Well, in 2012, the world didn't end, as the Mayan's predicted. So I'm hoping for a bright new beginning for 2013.
For some reason, I'm feeling quite nostalgic today.  The past few weeks have been difficult, while I first struggled with pain which turned out to be the precursor of the herpes zosta virus; shingles.  
As a result, my build up to Christmas was more one of inertia rather than the usual one of hustle and bustle. Despite this, no one seemed to suffer (except me - ha ha!). Christmas eve was spent at our Beautiful Daughter and Grand Daughter's house where Son In Law (visiting from the UK...yes I know... another long story)cooked dinner for us all, including Second Son and Youngest Son.  Afterwards we went for a night walk to visit exotically decorated homes with lights to delight children of all ages.  We got caught in a storm and had to take cover under a carport until the worse of the rain was over.
Christmas lunch was an extended family affair at my Baby Sister's new house, forty minutes drive away.
I was so happy that the sweltering days we'd been experiencing suddenly melted away into a drizzly cool Christmas Day.
The Christmas lunch was attended by eighteen family members.  We all contribute in some way to the meal, which means less pressure for the host.
Today, I'm preparing to spend the night in the city, with my Youngest Son and Mr Honey Pie of course.  We will bring the new year in with a bang...literally...on the foreshore of Sydney's marvellous harbour.

Hopefully, this event will also help distract our love-sick Youngest Son! (His girl friend is visiting family overseas.)
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my regular visitors, especially those you have taken the time to leave comments.  And of course a big thank you to Robyn who has hosted the 366 Day Photo Challenge.  I haven't lived up to the total of 366 days of photographs...but I have tried my best!  It was a fun experience and has been a great motivator to blog most days!
I'm not sure if my photography skills have improved but I do know that today I know a lot more about the camera than I did this time last year.
I  wish you all a happy, safe, healthy and prosperous new year and look forward to catching up with my regular blogging 'friends' in 2013.

Happy New Year from Sydney


  1. Happy New Year to you dear Sweet Pea...
    I'm so sorry to hear you've been unwell in the run up to Christmas... do take care.
    What a fun challenging year we've had this year... thankyou so much for joining me :-)
    It's been wonderful visiting to share everyone's photos and getting to know you a little better this year.
    Robyn xx

  2. Happy New Year to you and your family!
    It's raining here, so no fireworks (thankfully as my dogs are terrified).
    Enjoy the celebrations! I hope 2013 brings you all good things.

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family Sweet Pea! How did you enjoy the fireworks? It's on my 'must do" list.
    What an adventurous year we have had via our photos!You have taken me to places in my old home city of Sydney that I have never seen before. I have learned so many new things from your interesting posts. Thank you.


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