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Friday, 7 December 2012

Day 342/366

Finally, the Christmas tree is up.

This year's tree putting-up has evoked many memories.
I assembled the tree with a colour theme in mind which meant that not all the decorations would be used.
As I packed away the multitude of left over decorations I felt bad and decided that we should have two trees in the house this year.
The second (mini) tree should hold all the decorations that evoked the memories.
Our family had our first ever Christmas three in 1975 when we moved into our first family home.  I have every decoration from that day...and more.  Each year I buy a box of decorations to add to the collection but the ones that hold the best memories are the ones that were hand made by all our children.
Last year...our Grand Daughter added her first hand made decoration to the tree.

And here is the 'big' tree.

With one wrapped gift beneath it.
"Who's the present for Nanna?"
"It's a surprise."
"Is it for me Nanna?"
"Be careful with that, it's glass."
"Well if it's glass, it mustn't be for me then Nanna."
"Well you never know!"

(Don't tell anyone, but I was desperate for pink and gold and silver decorations this year and after I took these photos I went out and bought some pink baubles to replace the red ones!)


  1. What lovely photos and memories. Good on you for buying the pink baubles:)


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