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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Wild Weather

Our spring this year has seen exceptionally wild weather and summer seems to have kept on trend with one December week experiencing storms each day.
On Sunday 7th December, Mr HP and I drove through three storms as we made our way from one end of the city to the other and back again.
We had an invite to my sister's partner's 50th celebrations only to receive a phone call early in the day to let me know that my dearest aunt and God mother was seriously ill in hospital.  I knew I would never forgive myself if I had not made an attempt to see her for what might be the last time.  Thankfully she is on the mend but have no regrets that Mr HP and I fought the elements three times that day to make sure we not only visited my favourite aunt, but that we also managed to make it to the 50th party.
Here are some December weather snapshots.

Thirty minutes of hail fell on the 5th December while I was visiting my Daughter and Grand daughter.  Thankfully no damage was done.

When I returned home later in the day, there were some very strange cloud formations in the sky above our house.

Two days later we head into the first rain storm as we head out to visit my aunt in hospital.  

Christmas eve in Leura...a whiteout. (Photo taken by Mr HP).

On Christmas Day, we had a wild electrical storm after lunch. We had to rearrange the tables to keep the wind-swept rain off the food, the children had to hop out of the swimming pool and eventually, the lanterns were blown away into the wind.

The one positive from all this precipitation is that the garden is doing wonderfully and the flowering plants are the best I've seen them for years.

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