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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

End of an Era

As you can see from the piles of earth and temporary fencing, work on the new road began five day before hand over, limiting our access to various parts of the property, turning areas of ground into mush after recent rain, and upsetting my Mum with machine noise (which triggered traumatic memories from her time during WWII).  All because the head honcho read his work sheet incorrectly. 

The above photograph was taken on the 21st August, which was the penultimate day of my mother's fifty third year of ownership of the family home.
We were blessed, I believe, with our own personal rainbow extending from one boundary to the other.  (It was a double rainbow too but I'm not sure you can see it clearly in this photo.)
We experienced quite a few hassles with various authorities that day but the handover, which happened the next day went better than any of our wildest expectations.

Here I am airing our grievances to various authorities.  
We did get an apology I might add.

It has been a rough journey which has opened my eyes to even more knowledge about the world.  
Now that one door has shut, the family looks forward to another door opening and the start of an new era.

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  1. what a difficult time you have all had, I do hope things settle down for you now and you can concentrate on building up your own health and looking after Mum. She must be a tough lady to have ridden out this massive change.
    It's so sad to see beautiful countryside dissappear under concrete, it happens so much on this tiny island as the demand for houses grows year on year.


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