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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Winter In The Desert

We're back from our road trip and I've been neglecting my blog along with everything else.
Monday 14th July saw us back in Sydney.  
It was a great trip, but what can I say but it gets cold out there in that darn desert in the middle of winter!
Then we spent Friday night in the city...Sydney University to be exact, to attend our darling future DIL's graduation. If we thought it had been cold before...we were now experiencing an Arctic Blast!
So guess what...I came down with a flu so bad I've been in bed ever since.
I'm blogging this from my bed.
Mr HP has brought me breakfast-in-bed; porridge (screwed up face...I eat it because it's GOOD for me), and an affogato.  Thanks Honey!
Blogging while we were away was almost impossible...well impossible for about seventy five percent of our trip.  I know readers from other countries might find it incredulous that here in Australia there are places that are so remote that there is no mobile telephone coverage unless you use satellite telephone. Also our major telco appears to have a monopoly on certain regions of our vast country so that unless you have an account with them, well, you don't get coverage.  We had planned to buy a pre-paid  SIMcard from them before our trip but, well, we just didn't get around to it.  Even so, I'm not quite sure how much blogging I would have achieved via a pre-paid but in the end, well, we just made do.

So, I'll bring you little snippets of our amazing trip over the next few days, weeks, and maybe even months.

 The day before we started our trip, Tuesday 24th June, it snowed in the mountains.
Our first stop on Wednesday was in Lithgow.
Even the poor sparrows were feeling the cold...here they are, missing out on their usual tidbits because diners were all keeping warm indoors. 
The poor little things, all fluffed up, looked like pom poms.

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  1. One of the things I love about the internet, is the chance to see into other peoples lives and other peoples countries. Here in England, unused to hot weather, we are all suffering with temps up to 30'C and there is snow in Australia. I didn't even realise you got snow!
    I look forward to seeing more photos.


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