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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Thank You

Thanks again to Karen at The Graphics Fairy for featuring my clock tutorial once more on her blog.

Recently Karen did a feature on her blog titled  "14 Amazing DIY Wall Decor Ideas" in which my clock was included.
It was a lovely surprise and I feel very privileged to be featured.

You can find the wall clock and thirteen other ideas here.

Karen is an inspirational and generous blogger.
Do stop by and visit her.

I'm sure you will be motivated by her enthusiasm. 


  1. how lovely, I love the way you made this pretty clock. I'm off to enjoy the link now. have a good Sunday. We're very excited, the sun is shining here :-D

    1. Hello Kath, how have you fared in all that dreadful weather? It has been very much part of our news here. Hope you have managed to keep high and dry. xx


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