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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Mismatched Tea Cup Trio

I can't believe it's taken me this long to tell you about our Christmas tradition.
Is it February 2014 already?
Well, here goes anyway.

Since the publication of the first Guinness World Records edition of the year 2000 (previously published as the Guinness Book of Records)Son Number Three has received a copy under the Christmas tree from Santa. 

So, Christmas just gone makes it his 15th copy of the book and he still enjoys pouring over it during the month of January.

All our children are adults now, so we haven't fussed too much about the fact that no one else receives a surprise gift from Santa.  That is until the past few years...

Only because our Grand Daughter, Little Miss Six, is liable to pick the fact that only some people and not all, receive gifts from Santa.

You see, when Eldest Son was about eight years old, The Easter Rabbit brought everyone in our house a mug nestling an Easter egg; everyone that is, except me.

For mother's day the same year, Eldest Son gave me a beer stein.  (It was a weird gift to receive from him, since I loathe the taste of beer). When I asked him why he had made the purchase he said he bought me a mug because the Easter Rabbit had not left one for me.  What a silly Easter Rabbit!

So this year Santa left me a tea cup trio that I know for a fact cost the grand sum of three dollars...yes, three dollars.

The set comes in the regal colours of royal blue and gold, on white.  (I'm guessing the above is a George Jones & Sons mark).

Their shabbiness means I feel comfortable using them daily for my morning coffee...which has to be an affogato

To make an affogato, take a decent scoop of the best ice cream you can afford (or make your own; recipe here).

Over the ice cream, pour a double shot of espresso coffee, freshly made.  I like to allow my ice cream to melt a little before enjoying.

We purchase our coffee from here / here   

Well, as you can see, the cup proclaims its royalty, since it's a Royal Albert cup.

Poor Santa, he must have been in a bit of rush to pick these up and not realised his mistake...after all, I think they're a pretty good match don't you?

(Whispering: I think Santa made his purchase here or perhaps at the Markets because Peppa Loves Vintage also loves to visit the Glenbrook Rotary Markets once a month on the 3rd Saturday).

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  1. I often wonder if my children & grandchildren will remember me because I am the one most likely taking the photographs of family gatherings and special events, but not in them. It seems you have a very wise and observant son .maybe I will find that out about my grown children one day.

    Anyways, your mismatched set seem very well mated and your beverage more than perfect for a special indulgence.

  2. I think they look like a great match! What an interesting tea cup. At first I wasn't sure what the design was, and now I think it looks like little gold bells. Is that what they are? I love the dark blue with the gold. It looks like it is an old cup. I haven't seen this company before, but maybe Martha has an idea?
    Sweet Christmas story! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. Love your story. Your tea cup is perfect, even mis-matched. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  4. What a lovely story Sweet Pea. The trio are like family - similar and different, but working well together :)


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