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Tuesday, 12 November 2013


November is turning out to be quite a 

For Little Miss Six and my niece (who turned fifteen)I baked a rainbow cake which they shared...
For our Second Son I baked the now  traditional Black Forest Brownie cake. He turns forty next week but we had a group celebration last Sunday.
I tried my hand at making macarons...a big fail...but hey, I mis-read the recipe (which I'd studied for a whole week prior), and it's a miracle that they turned out as well as they did. I will attempt again sometime in the future I guess. I would have to admit though...I'm not a macaron fan and don't really understand what the fuss is all about.  But our son is and I thought I'd make some for him.  He said they tasted quite good...even though they got a big fail for appearance.
I also made boeuf bourguignon (beef burgundy) for our group celebration and vanilla ice cream just because and because I've fallen in love with home made ice cream. 
Have you ever tried avocado, raw cacao powder and maple syrup all mashed together and served as a dip?  Delicious.
Somewhere in amongst all that we had an engagement party...did I mention?
Well, it was last month actually...our Youngest Son proposed to the love of his life and she said YES.
 It was a Halloween themed party and everyone was encouraged to come fancy dress or to wear orange.
Our family being of Dutch decent...seemed to opt for the orange option!

Mr Honey Pie's talented niece made the cake for the engagement as well as for a double 
Baptism!  Yes, Little Miss Six and another of my nieces (Little Miss Seven) were baptised last Sunday.  The priest that baptised them, by sheer coincidence also baptised our Youngest Son twenty six years ago...Father Paul was flabbergasted when we told him.  He is quite new to our parish and our family was overjoyed at him being able to celebrate a second (or is that a third?)baptism with us. 

And...do you know what?
I'm secretly dreaming of a really, really boring week or two ahead...

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