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Thursday, 6 June 2013

My Mother's Garden

I've been spending a bit of time with my Mum this week. 
The resumption of her home by the State is still looming and I know how frustrating it must be for her to go through the process which is now into its second year.

The garden has become run down but there are little surprises everywhere that are reminders of what once was.

It was a dewy morning on Tuesday, as reflected by this lone dandelion.

This spiky cactus is decades old.

And sits on a decaying window sill along with its companions.

My Mum has lived in this home continually since 1960. 

It will soon be time to say our good-byes.


  1. How hard it must be for all of you to go through this process! So many years of memories!

    1. It has been a difficult couple of years Laurie. What makes it more difficult is that my Mum doesn't really want to find a new place to live at this stage in her life. For my younger siblings...it's been their only childhood home.


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